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What is the PPE Campaign?

The Positive Practice Environments (PPE) Campaign aims to improve the quality of health services by raising awareness, identifying good practice and developing tools for managers and health professionals in the field, as well as carrying out concrete national and local demonstration projects to improve practice environments.

The multiyear, multi-stakeholder campaign promotes safe, cost-effective and healthy workplaces, thereby strengthening health systems and improving patient safety.

Patients and the public have the right to the highest performance from health care professionals and this can only be achieved in a workplace that enables and sustains a motivated well-prepared workforce.

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The delivery of high quality health services depends on the competence of health workers and a work environment that supports performance excellence. The ongoing under investment in the health sector has resulted in a deterioration of working conditions worldwide. This has had a serious negative impact on the recruitment and retention of health personnel, the productivity and performance of health facilities, and ultimately on patient outcomes. Positive practice environments must be established throughout the health sector if national and international health goals are to be met.